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Dec 4, 2017


Temperament - Type - Substance - Soundness

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Dedication to the improvement of the Basset Hound breed

We are home to Canadian Champions and European titled import Basset Hounds. Our goal is to breed the highest quality Basset Hound Puppies, producing outstanding, competitive show Basset Hounds, as well as exceptional family companions. We believe in striving for a balance in all of the qualities that make a Basset an excellent representive of the breed: the classic long droopy ears, loose, supple skin, massive paws, a mellow easy going temperament combined with structural soundness. We are very particular in the dogs that we purchase and employ in our breeding program.

Participation in conformation dog shows

We participate in Canadian Kennel Club conformation dog shows. This is to have our dogs evaluated by judges independent of our breeding program and select superior individuals to produce the next generation.   We adhere to the code of practice for Breeders of the Canadian Kennel Club and Basset Hound Club of Canada.  We are members of the Canadian Kennel Club, Basset Hound Club of Canada and the Lethbridge and District Kennel Club.

European influence at Shecara

Many of our dogs have been imported from Europe, and have a distinctive type: long droopy ears, loose, supple skin with lots of wrinkle, solid bone construction with huge paws, and are stationed very low to the ground. However, we are very careful not to let this ‘type’ be the only focus in our breeding program, as sadly so many breeders do today. “European bloodlines” is not a measure of quality; there are poor breeders in Europe just as there are in any other continent. In the words of Raymond Oppenheimer, an eminent figure in the dog world: Don't forget that quality plus substance should be one of your aims. A fool can breed one without the other!

Don't be satisfied with anything but the best. The second best is never good enough.

Our Basset Hound puppies are the future of our kennel. Our breedings produce puppies that are pleasant natured and very sociable with children, other dogs and pets, as well as strangers. Placid and affectionate, they are never aggressive or timid. Bassett Hound puppies are such a thrill, we love getting to know their personalities, watching their clownish antics, introducing them to new sights, smells and experiences, and placing them in loving homes where they are appreciated as a new family member.

Our Bassets ... Our Passion ... Our life 

Please browse through our website -it's full of information about Basset Hounds; check out pictures of our Basset Hound dogs, and our Basset hound Puppies for sale. We update the site with information regularly so be sure to check back frequently. Don't forget to sign our guestbook before you leave! Feel free to call us at 1-403-320-8584, or you may email us for more information. While our schedules for the family and dog-related acitivities may at times be hectic, we always love talking about Basset hounds, and we will return all emails and phone calls. We are always willing to arrange a visit to meet the hounds!


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