Shecaras Admiral

Merle is living with Susan, who greatly misses him as he is with us!


Ch. Edgar van Hollandheim


Ch. Mtnscountry Sweet Charming, CGN


Shecaras Intentional

shecaras admiral
shecaras Admiral, basset hound
Pedigree of: Shecaras Admiral
Ch. Edgar van Hollandheim Dutch/Lux Ch. Billie Turf v.d. Oude Watertoren Am.Lux/Ned/Swiss/Span Ch. Yorin v Hollandheim Fin/Cz Ch. Rambo Dominik
Ned Ch. Zarah v Hollandheim
Olijfje-Babs v.d. Haelfe Maen Filibuster v.d. Haelfe Maen
Ivory Dita v.d. Haelfe Maen
Dutch Home's Diva Ch. Extra Edition v Hollandheim Ch/Svk/Dk/Ned/D/Lux Ch Norris v Hollandheim
Ch. Karipat Ziggy Zig
No-No v Hollandheim Ch. Kinkiwi Lord Philippe
Jill v Hollandheim
Ch Mtnscountry Sweet Charming Voyager v Hollandheim Am/Lux/Ned/Swiss/Span Ch. Yorin v Hollandheim Fin/Cz Ch Rambo Dominik
Ned Ch Zarah v Hollandheim
Laverne v Hollandheim Ned Ch Roamanbay Ringmaster
Ned/Dk/Lux Ch Vogue v Hollandheim
Mtnscountry Midsummer Dream King Blitz Henry Sprice
Ty Isabella
Mtnscountry Flashy Jingles Springcreek's Bee Bop Boom
Scarfire Alice Capone